The Junction Foundation

The Junction is a charity which exists to make a difference to the lives of children, young people and their families

Through our experience, working in our communities we know that children and young people are brimming with the potential to achieve and lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Our values and principles 

The Junction has identified with children, young people and families, staff, volunteer members and external stakeholders a set of values and principles which underpin all of our work.    It is these values and principles which are The Junctions DNA, are key to our mission to make a difference.

Our Approach

The Junction is based within the communities it works in, we have an expanse of local knowledge, knowing our areas and the challenges that the children and young people who live there face.  The Junction has built a bank of experience of supporting and empowering the children, young people of these communities to overcome the barriers that they face.

This is not to be overlooked or taken for granted as it gives us a distinct advantage with real financial benefits for commissioners and funders when working with our communities to make a difference.

Through having a whole organisation child and young person-centred approach The Junction makes a real difference by:

  • Working with young people to empower them to deal with the challenges they face, preventing escalation into crisis.
  • Supporting young people with complex needs who are in crisis to achieve stabilisation, enabling them to begin to build a foundation to move on from.
  • Providing a platform for promoting and building resilience, improving mental health, making life better for young carers, young adult carers and their families.
  • Enabling young people to build the confidence and self belief to unlock their potential and access jobs, training and learning opportunities.

External Resources