National Association for Special Educational Needs (nasen)

nasen cares for disabled children and young people and those with special and additional educational needs. nasen aims to promote the education, training, advancement and development of all those with special and additional support needs. They produces many special educational resources including a magazine as well as a programme of conferences and seminars.

nasen support all staff including SENCOs, leaders, teachers, governors and teaching assistants in meeting the needs of the pupils in schools and settings through promoting education, training, development and support. nasen is an invaluable source of advice, offering an exclusive and vital range of benefits.

“We believe that the best outcomes for disabled children and young people and those with special educational and additional needs are secured by working together in partnership with schools, settings and colleges to influence government policy to inform and provide effective practice.” nasen vision

nasen has an influential voice at national level on issues concerning special educational needs. nasen is regularly invited to meet with government agencies to offer advice and support at policy level, and is represented on many influential national organisations such as the Special Education Consortium.