Partnership for Children

Partnership for Children is a charity that promotes the mental health and emotional wellbeing of children all around the world.

We offer a series of school-based programmes to promote children’s coping and social skills, Zippy’s Friends for 5-7 year olds and Apple’s Friends for 7-9 year olds. The programmes teach children how to cope with everyday difficulties, to identify and talk about their feelings, to explore ways of dealing with difficult situations or feelings and support their peers.

Zippy’s Friends has also been adapted for disabled children and young people and those with special educational needs. The programme is delivered in class by teachers trained in the programme, we have also produced resources for parents and carers to support children at home. An independent evaluation of the programme found Zippy’s Friends has beneficial effects for disabled children and children with SEN, particularly in the areas of self-awareness, ability to regulate emotions and relationship skills.

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