SeeAbility is a national charity working with people with sight loss and multiple disabilities.

SeeAbility run countrywide public health programmes helping adults and children with learning disabilities look after their sight as their risks of sight problems are much higher. 

SeeAbility believe that everyone has ability. They teach and empower people to develop and maintain their skills to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.

SeeAbility take a holistic approach that addresses the psychological, physiological and emotional needs of each person.

Their highly skilled professional nurses, therapists and rehabilitation practitioners continually seek to broaden and deepen their specialist knowledge to support people more effectively and have developed outstanding awareness and understanding in their respective areas of expertise.

Together with trained support staff they work as an integrated team and reinforce a learning culture.

SeeAbility offer direct services in their own facilities or in a person’s home. SeeAbility offer comprehensive training for professionals and work with public sector organisations and local communities.

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