Together as ONE

Together As One is a youth-led charity bringing communities ‘together as one’ through training, youth work and creative projects.

Our name, “Together As One,” embodies both our ethos and the mission of our charity. We believe in working together for social change.

Our mission is to work with young people from all faiths and backgrounds to make a positive difference in our community through training, youth work and creative projects.

At Together As One, we want to make this experience as positive as possible, especially for those with additional needs. Therefore, we have partnered with NHS Frimley to create a new role that aims to do this: Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Engagement and Participation Officer.

The purpose of this role is to ensure that young people with special needs can learn, engage and enjoy any activity in a meaningful way. To do this, the SEND Engagement and Participation Officer aims to increase accessibility to services around Slough for children and young people with additional needs.

The (SEND) Engagement and Participation Officer aims to provide children with the space to express themselves and reach their full potential. Young people should be able to speak freely, and we take pride in planning a SEND youth platform for their voices to be heard by decision makers on policies that impact them and their families. In the push for positive change, we know that those with special needs and disabilities should have a big influence on the services that they use.

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