Action Cerebral Palsy

Action Cerebral Palsy (ACP) is a consortium of specialist providers for children and young people with cerebral palsy and related challenges.

Action Cerebral Palsy began in 2013 as a national consortium of specialist charities working with children with cerebral palsies and their families. The consortium was united by educational and clinical expertise and was determined that children with cerebral palsies should get a better deal.

Action Cerebral Palsy works at a national level towards improving public, professional and political awareness of the issues facing children and young people with cerebral palsies.  We aim to represent the best interests of the CP community to policy makers and are committed to developing models of best practice at national and local levels.

Too many children with cerebral palsy in the UK are being failed by provision that is fragmented and under-funded. Too few children receive the early and intensive intervention that can enable their full life potential.  

The major issues are:

  • Insufficient specialist intervention for 0-2s

  • Health professionals and parents are unaware of what is available.

  • This leads to late diagnosis and missed opportunites.


  • To facilitate the development of best practice for intervention, care, education and support for children and young people with cerebral palsies across the UK.

  • To represent the best interests of the cerebral palsy community.

  • To engage with policy makers in order to promote the creation of a national strategy and care pathways for intervention and provision for children with cerebral palsies.

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