Active 8

Active8 is a small Cornish charity run for and by young people with a physical disability.

We run 4 projects:

  • ACCELER8 (14-18 year olds) one residential weekend every month for the same group of young people doing mixed activities from surfing to painting to DoE award.
  • AFTER8 is for those over 18 and is a recreational programe building friendships, peer support and having fun. Activities have included scuba diving, Vfest, murder mystery meals out............
  • MOTIVE8 is about gaining independence and learning skills through group work and one to one support.
  • ADVOC8 is a participation project that enables young people to express their ideas and hopes for their community. Issues that are always important are housing, transport and personal care services, but young people choose what they want to get involved in and how they want to get their message across, using comedy, film or face-to-face discussion.

Young people are involved in every aspect of Active8 from staff recruitment, volunteering, project planning to trusteeship.

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