Active Impact

Active Impact explores and promotes friendship between disabled and non-disabled young people. Active Impact inspires, provokes, networks, trains, fundraises, supports and coordinates.

Outside of their families many disabled children and young people only get to spend time with people who are paid to be with them. Active Impact promotes ways in which they can explore interests and activities with people who simply choose to be with them – non-disabled young people and both disabled and non-disabled adult volunteers.

Active Impact works with an ever-growing number of partner organisations who run events and set up projects that embody our philosophy. Active Impact brings together the skills and experience of specialist disability agencies with the expertise and commitment of a wide range of ordinary providers of children’s activities. 

We want to enable disabled children and young people to:

  • Challenge themselves to do more than they and others expect
  • Change the way that they see themselves and how others see them
  • Chow that they have talents to offer rather than just needs to be met
  • Share friendships with non-disabled young people
  • Take their rightful place in their local communities.

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