Afasic promotes equal opportunities and the inclusion for children and young adults with speech and language impairments.

Being able to speak and communicate with other people is an essential life skill. For most children and young people learning to communicate comes easily. For some children and young people however it is a major challenge as they have a speech and language impairment.

Afasic works to support these children and their parents, enabling them to overcome their difficulties. Afasic works with other voluntary organisations, government, researchers, parents, children and young people themselves to identify, disseminate information about and encourage the implementation of good practice in supporting children and young people with speech and language impairments.

Afasic are also involved in a number of campaigns to improve speech and language provision for children and young people and to highlight the issues around speech, language and communication needs.  They also run a parent helpline, several youth projects and produce training materials for professionals.

Today, Afasic: 

  • has approx. 1000 members – parents, professionals and supporters
  • is recognised as an authority in its field
  • provides training for parents and professionals

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