Affinity Trust

Affinity Trust is a national charity providing innovative support for people with learning disabilities in the UK. 

The Affinity Trust has a history of working with people who have a range of support needs including those who have high, complex or specialist support needs as well as people who have been labelled as having  ‘challenging’ reputations. They focus on the individual and their particular needs, and work with them to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Affinity Trust are dedicated to supporting people with learning disabilities to live the lives they want to. Whether helping someone to live in their own home, providing opportunities to make new friends, experience new things or gain work that is rewarding and enjoyable, Affinity Trust aims to ensure that those they support have the opportunity to live life to its fullest.

Many of the people that the Affinity Trust support have come from institutional settings and we have worked with them to transform their level of independence and often, as a result, their quality of life. Supported living is their main area of support, and they are committed to offering this model for people with learning disabilities in preference to typical residential care homes.

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