Alliance for Inclusive Education (Allfie)

ALLFIE campaigns for all disabled learners to have the right to access and be supported in mainstream education. ALLFIE believes that the whole education experience should be inclusive of disabled learners, both inside and outside the classroom.

The Alliance for Inclusive Education is a national campaigning and information-sharing network led by disabled people. Inclusive education enables all students to fully participate in any mainstream early years provision, school, college or university. Inclusive education aims to equip all people with the skills needed to build inclusive communities, promotes training and resources aimed at fostering every student's equality and participation in all aspects of the learning community. 

Inclusive education is based on seven principles:

  • Diversity enriches and strengthens all communities

  • All learners' different learning styles and achievements are equally valued, respected and celebrated by society

  • All learners are enabled to fulfil their potential by taking into account individual requirements and needs

  • Support is guaranteed and fully resourced across the whole learning experience

  • All learners need friendship and support from people of their own age.

  • All children and young people are educated together as equals in their local communities

  • Inclusive Education is incompatible with segregated provision both within and outside mainstream education