Autism Berkshire

Autism Berkshire is the leading autism charity in Berkshire, delivering quality specialist services, training, social and leisure activities throughout the county, guided by a team of trustees with personal and professional experience of autism.

Autistic Berkshire aim to enhance the current provision of services and support, with the purpose of improving the quality of life of people with autism and giving them maximum independence. They provide a comprehensive service for all ages of people with autism, their families, carers and professionals working in the field. 

We do this by:

  • Providing information and advice through a helpline, events, workshops, outreach, publications and newsletters;
  • Running accessible social and leisure activities for children and adults;
  • Providing specific autism training and support;
  • Working with education, health, emergency and employment services and the six main local authorities in Berkshire to deliver autism-appropriate services;
  • Raising awareness in the wider community to promote greater understanding.

The Autism Act 2010 requires local authorities to support people with a diagnosis of autism. Autism Berkshire sits on all the county’s Autism Partnership Boards.

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