Bexley Voluntary Services Council

The BVSC is an independent organisation serving the residents of Bexley, London. The organisation aims to support local voluntary and community groups by providing them with training, advice and support.  They also facilitate networks and forums which bring the voluntary sector together assist the sector to put forward its views on issues that affect them.

Mission Statement

BVSC exists to promote voluntary and community action as a means of improving the quality of life for people in Bexley by:

  • Supporting the work of voluntary organisations and volunteers in Bexley.
  • Assisting them to promote their views on issues and decisions that affect them.
  • Helping them to identify and respond to the unmet needs within the community.

BVSC Values

  • work in a trustworthy and transparent manner
  • develop expertise and strive for an excellent standard of professional behaviour from all staff, volunteers and trustees
  • maintain independence from government
  • base responses to consultations that they submit on behalf of the sector, on consultations with groups
  • help foster a culture of co-operation, understanding and tolerance within the diverse community in Bexley
  • promote volunteering as an integral part of life in Bexley
  • promote the role of the voluntary sector based on the belief that the sector is an equal partner and should have an active role in the planning and delivery of services in Bexley