Big Heritage

Big Heritage are a non-profit educational, social enterprise that focus on inclusion, equality, engagement. An award winning heritage social enterprise engaging museums, schools and communities with the past.

Archaeology is at the heart of Big Heritage, and they continue to be staffed by a core team of experienced archaeologists with specialisms including desk-based research, GIS, remote sensed data and excavation. They work with both community projects and commercial developments providing services as varied as pre-planning research to running full community excavations.

Big Heritage works with schools, colleges and universities across the UK to deliver completely unique school workshops and training to enhance teaching skills. Some of their award-winning school work includes Big Schools Digs. CSI-style investigations and Roman, Viking and Anglo-Saxon discovery days.

Big Heritage improve communities across the UK by using their history and archaeology as a conduit for bringing people together. You and your neighbour may have different religion, race, language, sexuality or age; yet whether you realise it or not, you will always have your local heritage in common.

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