Chaos Support

Chaos Support provides services to young adults aged 13-40 who have a learning disability or additional needs.

“Chaos was founded on the belief that young adults with a learning disability would benefit from being in a young, dynamic environment with their peer group.”

— Kerry Whapshott, Director

Chaos is an organisation based in Hampshire which aims to provide opportunities, choice and support to young adults with learning disabilities around the South East.

At Chaos, young people are supported and encouraged to set and accomplish personal goals and challenge themselves, while a dedicated staff team ensure their health, well-being and safety.

Since January 2013 a range of other services have been added, including Buddying, Saturday and Evening Clubs, School Holiday schemes and most recently the opening of ‘Chaos Hotel’, an overnight and short break respite unit located within the Chaos building.

Programmes and activities are designed to reflect the choice and wishes of each individual, incorporating life skills, independence, health and well-being, social activities, social enterprise and personal goals.

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