Children's Heart Federation

The CHF is the leading UK children’s heart charity.

Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) is the most common birth defect in the UK. Thousands of babies are born with a heart problem each year and hundreds of children develop a heart condition at some point after birth.

CHF give heart families direct support by:

  • Giving information and advice on their telephone helpline and via factsheets, publications and website.
  • Providing grants for medical equipment and giving financial assistance for specialist care needs.
  • Organising family support activities – including respite trips and weekends away.

CHF educate professionals and the public by:

  • Advising policy makers and service providers on how the needs of children with heart conditions should be met.
  • Supporting research projects across the globe to help make the future a brighter place for children with heart conditions.
  • Campaigning for improvements in health, social and educational provision for young CHD patients.

CHF support member groups by:

  • Coordinating partnerships and organising group work.
  • Providing ongoing support, advice and information to existing groups.
  • Empowering new and emerging groups with information, advice and direct support.
  • Organising training and group activities.

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