Credo Care

Credo Care is a fostering agency specialising in the care of children with disabilities and learning difficulties.

Credo Care is committed to continue to practice and uphold the very high standards set from the outset. There are many more children who need Credo's services, they intend to let everyone know loud and clear that they are here... and making a huge difference.

The company is proud of their excellent staff and foster carers who have invested in the founders' vision and aim to provide the best foster placements for some of the most difficult to place children. There are countless examples of the brilliant achievements of Credo's children, some of whom have limited life expectancy. Everyone connected to the agency believes very strongly that all disabled children deserve the opportunity to live in families, and are committed to try and ensure that they find carers and offer these chances to children who are in residential care and long-term hospital care.

Their goals are to raise the standards of disability care for children, reduce the financial burden of long-term residential and hospice care on local authorities, and to ensure becoming foster parents is a positive experience for all our carers.

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