Families in Focus

Our MissionTo enable parents to support their children to lead happy healthy lives and grow into respectful, socially and emotionally responsible adults.

Our Ethos: Together, we believe that the best in each of us enriches all of us.

Our intention: is to support families through our parenting courses and workshops and give parents tools, skills and knowledge that make a lasting positive impact/change on family life.

Our intention: is to bring those parenting children with any kind of additional needs and our focus is on the whole family.

Our valueswe are passionate about bringing parents together and we pride ourselves on being compassionate and respectful of parents and recognise the uniqueness of every family and that we all have something of value to offer. As an organisation we are dedicated to work in partnership with parents, employees, volunteers and the community. We share our wealth of knowledge with clarity, sensitivity and energy mixed with an infectious sense of fun.

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