Flash of Splendour Arts

Flash of Splendour is a non-profit educational organization, based in Oxford, but active across the UK.

Flash of Splendour works to empower disabled, marginalized and disadvantaged children and young people through the art: music, theatre, film, art and creative writing. They are skilled in academic outreach, working with universities, museums and libraries across the UK.

Flash of Splendour Arts is an inclusive creative arts organisation, working with music, poetry and the visual arts to effect change, particularly within the field of SEN education. They are dedicated to developing, curating and producing contemporary art and historical exhibitions and projects that challenge and positively change perceptions about history, culture and society.

Using innovative methodology and new pedagogical approaches, we enable students to understand, enjoy and interpret cultural forms, ideas and texts, which would normally be closed to them through their complexity or inaccessibility. 


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