Grapevine help people with learning disabilities to get the life they want - to make their own choices and be part of their community. At Grapevine, they want to reduce the isolation that so many people with learning disabilities experience.

Too many people spend their lives in residential and day care, Grapevine helps them make connections and have a life in the ordinary world. Everything they do is based on our understanding that:

A good life is a life that grows and changes - it has memorable moments and lots of challenges. For too many people with learning disabilities, relationships and activities stay the same - often for decades

Connections matter - Grapevine supports people to build relationships and networks with people who aren't just paid to care. Many people with learning disabilities don't have the support of strong networks.

Everyone has something to offer - people have talents and abilities and Grapevine can help them to find other people in communities who will welcome their contribution. Too often, people with learning disabilities are just seen as having needs.

We need the chance to learn from our mistakes - most people with a learning disability are stopped from having interesting experiences because others worry about the risks.

Often, paid professionals think they know what's best. But at Grapevine, they stand together with the people they support - they don't take over. They stand behind people and try to see the world through their eyes.

Grapevine is successful because of our passion. They believe in what they do and they believe in what people with learning disabilities can do

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