Max Appeal

Our mission is to ensure that every person with DiGeorge Syndrome lives an independent and prosperous life.

Max Appeal was founded by parents of children diagnosed with DiGeorge Syndrome/VCFS/22q11.2 deletion. Max Appeal are a small national charity, run almost exclusively by a group of dedicated volunteers backed up with a knowledgeable panel of medical professionals.

Max had a short life but Max Appeal is a charity with a vibrant life of its own. The mission is to try to ensure that every person with 22q11.2 deletion lives an independent and prosperous a life as possible. That's not mission impossible!

What do they do?

  • Run events for people of all ages to share experiences, develop and learn.
  • Provide information and resources.
  • Provide support to families and individuals to empower them.
  • Support research to expand knowledge of the condition.
  • Make it possible for families to talk informally and get together. 

External Resources