National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi)

NDTi works to promote inclusive lives for people who are most at risk of exclusion.

The National Development Team for Inclusion is a not for profit organisation working to enable people at risk of exclusion, due to age or disability, to live the life they choose. They inspire and support policymakers, services and communities to make change happen - change that leads to better lives.

What do they do?

Promoting equal life chances - To ensure that disabled and older people have the same life opportunities as their fellow citizens: paid work, a place of their own to live, fulfilling personal relationships and the chance to contribute to their community.

Ensuring people’s voices are heard - Put people’s voices at the centre of every action and every change. 

Rethinking service design -  Promote support options that centre on the person rather than the process, and provide better outcomes at the same or lower cost.

Changing how organisations work - Work to bring about the whole-system organisational change that is needed to support much-needed alternatives to traditional care.