SEBDA considers issues in the context of the Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (SEBD) experienced by children and young people. In so doing they seek to promote a better understanding of their needs and how to respond to them.

SEBDA campaigns for better services for children and young people experiencing SEBD and better support for those who work with them including;

  • Behaviour management discipline
  • BESD
  • Inclusion
  • Challenging behaviour
  • Exclusion
  • ADHD

The association exists to serve the interests of children and young people experiencing difficulties in their social, emotional and behavioural development. This aim will be achieved by:

  • Promoting understanding of their needs.
  • Supporting those who work with them.
  • Providing training and education to increase knowledge, understanding and skills.
  • Engaging with policy-making agencies and service providers to inform and influence their decisions.
  • Identifying and disseminating good practice.
  • Facilitating and promoting multi-disciplinary co-operation.

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